Hossein's Services

My name is Hossein Sheykhlou, I live and work in Iran and since 2010 I have been helping overland travellers in my home town of Urmia, offering wide range of tailored services for travellers who wish to visit Iran. I am a motorcycle traveller myself and have ridden all around Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.


Over the years I have helped out hundreds of overland travellers including cyclists, 4x4 enthusiasts, caravanners and motorcyclists. After helping so many people I have learnt a lot about travellers and the things they need.


I can offer all of the usual traveller services and also assist with the specific requirements for those people who travel with vehicles. The best motorcycle mechanic in North West Iran is a great friend of mine and I have contacts all over Iran who can supply any tyres, equipment and spare parts which your vehicle might need. Your vehicle will leave Urmia in a better condition than it arrived!


Below is a list of the services I offer for bikers, cyclists and drivers. And don't worry - if you need something that is not on the list, just contact me and no doubt I will be able to help you out.


  • Comfortable accommodation(Hossein's Guest House)

  • Providing Iran sticker for your pannier or etc

  • Safe and secure parking in Urmia

  • Recommendations for biker/over-lander friendly guest-houses and hotels throughout Iran

  • Translation services

    • Including all the tricky technical vocabulary required to talk with mechanics.

  • Route planning around Iran and all the way through Pakistan to India

  • Carnet de Passage at the Iranian border

    • The most important service that i offer is to provide customs official document “Carnet de Passage”, this service is very specific and exclusive service.

  • Assistance at Sero/Esendere and Dogubayazit/Bazargan borders

    • Just give me a call or send me an email a few days before you plan to arrive - I can meet you at the border to do your border crossing formalities in shortest possible time and make sure that your Carnet de Passage is stamped correctly all the necessary is paperwork completed.

  • Helpful advices about getting Iranian visa and how to extend in Iran

  • Well detailed road maps in English

  • Tour guide service / support car for large groups

    • I’m always happy to come along for the ride, I can show you all that Iran has to offer including many lesser known (but highly recommendable) attractions and want to make sure that your time in this beautiful country is relaxed and enjoyable! Also can help you experience Iran from a different perspective which most tourists could not have without my guidance.


Contact me when you have questions about:

Visa regulations

Carnet de Passage at the Iranian border

Car & Motorcycle Insurrance

Budget Hotels in Iran

Route information to Pakistan - India


If there's anything else you need - please get in touch.