Overland to Iran with Hossein Sheykhlou

I am Hossein from Urmia in Iran who has assisted tourists for more than 5 years in my home country Iran since i was 18 years old over 5 years my reputation has grown.I am offering my services from Urmia for travelers who wish to visit Iran.I speakes,reads and writes good English, Farsi, Azeri/Turkish and my extensive experience with travellers makes meeting with me also my network throughout Iran is extensive and can be of valuable use for travellers, good to know i am a God sent gift for those overlanders with their vehicles, especially those who don't have Carnet De Passage and are obliged to obtain it at the border by my service, since it is a must in Iran.I am confident that you will find the prices for my personalized services to be more reasonable than you would pay anywhere else! I inviting and welcoming you to these beautiful country and how good that you have already a friend there, Please note that i can assist you at the Esendere/Sero border or Dogubayazit/Bazargan border even can help you in Turkish customs since i speaks Turkish as well however please give notice a few days in advance by e-mail or other contacts before you arrive.

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